FMCG or CPG this is a branch, which produce Fast Moving Consumer Goods (or Consumer Packaged Goods). Such goods, as articles of daily use. It is fast moving, which means high demand, many clients, and at the same time: low manufacture cost, massive sale. The basic rule of this industry is: bigger and better. As a producer on this market, you have assured sales, on the other hand this branch is characterized by extremely high level of competitiveness. On such market customers have a choice of many brands, especially in megastores. It is never secured market, because of this choice and existence of many competitors. When you decide to go on this market, you have to be sure, that you have enough money for advertisement campaigns. But before this, you should contract market research.

What matters

For companies which produce food stuff, domestic detergents, cosmetics, laundry products, counter medicines, personal care items it is essential to build strong position. On this market customers are rather loyal, but everybody knows, that good marketing campaign may change their habits. Although, after you change their habits you must concern about ability to produce, products quality, prices, distribution channels, advertisements, social media activity, complaints, attractiveness of the brand and other things. This branch – fast moving – changes very fast and all the time evolving. It is no time for hesitation. Market research Poland helps you with that.

How to conduct those research

You have wide range of method/techniques, which you can choose, after you decided to do such research. The biggest research companies usually specialize in qualitative research, e.g. CATI, CAPI, CAWI, PAPI. But for market research more useful is quantitative method with such techniques as IDI, FGI, Mystery Client/Shopping. You have to remember, that this is relatively expensive and long-lasting method, and results are difficult to generalize, but on the other hand – brings you more extensive conclusions.

How to choose market research in Poland

Regardless of whether you want to release a new product on the market, or you want to strengthening position of the product, it is very important to conduct marketing research. Through this research you can obtain information necessary to develop appropriate marketing strategy for the company. The main thing is to choose, what element to survey, such as: product, target group, sale price, marketing strategy, distribution channels, advertising efficiency, customer satisfaction, cooperators. For example: consumer insights, product concepts, prototypes research, advertising concept testing, advertising campaign tracking, segmentation research, packaging/advertisements – storyboards/stillomatics.

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