Medical and pharmaceutical companies operate on a extremely competitive market. It means high trade and massive sale, but on the other hand – huge competitiveness. So, you have billions of dollars worth trade and thousands of competitors. Regardless of a size of a company (small, medium, big). World’s biggest companies are corporations like: Pfizer, Novartis, Teva. They have more than a third of the share of this market. When you want to compete with those giants and their subsidiary companies it is essential to obtain reliable information. It is recommended to obtain those data by conducting healthcare marketing research (about e.g.: technology industries, medical device industries, pharmaceutical industry, consultants of these industries). And is the best choice for those companies to hire pharmaceutical market research Poland agency.

The best agency for medical market research Poland

Market research for pharmacy companies are one of the tool often use by marketing research agencies in Poland. Those market is one of the most attractive for them, because of its worth. So, many research agencies are prepared for those tasks. They have resources, like data analysis systems, surveys programs, statistics and analytics. One of the main decisions in pharmaceutical marketing surveys process is the selection of research agencies. You can search for their portfolios, relatively easy to validate. You can also check range of research techniques specialists (e.g. moderators, interviewers, pollsters, mystery clients), analytics and statistics staff and their experience in different projects. They provide you, with good prepared surveys with the data about a market, new products and their concepts, decision making process (managers, clients, physicians and other target groups), advertising process, customer satisfaction, operation within distribution channels, price sensitivity, patients satisfaction, doctors satisfaction and preferences, brand awareness, analysis of purchasing habits.

How to obtain reliable information

The specialists from the best agency determine in market research for pharmacy which fields of company’s activity to study, about what, which methods and techniques, and on which and how big target group. When it is decided which methods and techniques within them to use, it is crucial to use at least two of them, one from quantitative research, and the other from qualitative research. For example, you can choose between online surveys (CAWI), telephone interviews (CATI), computer assisted surveys (CAPI), traditional questionnaires (PAPI), individual in-depth interviews (IDI), focus group interviews (FGI), case studies, mystery client. Research agency can reach physician, patients, pharmacists, medical staff, nurses.

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